A New, Better Future

619736132The objective of the Conservative Campaign for Compassion, Against Corruption is to encourage the Conservative Party leadership to live up to its promise of conservative compassion; to come clean about its involvement in arms corruption; and to help to heal the wounds caused by that corruption.

David Cameron and the Conservative Party leadership can not hold themselves out as the future, until they have cleaned up the past.

In that regard, the Campaign has addressed an open letter to David Cameron, setting out steps he and the Party should take to rectify what they did in the past, and to prevent its recurrence in the future.

Those steps are simple:

1) Come clean about each and every one of the detailed allegations contained in the book, Dead Men Don’t Eat Lunch. Anything short of a firm and categorical denial is confirmation of the book’s premise that the last Conservative Government instituted a regime of systemic arms corruption within Westminster and Whitehall, a regime that has been perpetuated by Tony Blair and his New Labour Government.

2) Do justice by those who were, and are still being, hurt by that arms corruption. In particular, Dr. David Kelly, CMG, and Hugh John Simmonds, CBE, who was formerly a Conservative Party Wessex Area Treasurer. Both these individuals died because they knew too much about the UK materiel comprising Iraq’s WMDs. Their families deserve to know the truth. The Conservative Party leadership should openly argue, as a beginning, for a re-opening of the coroner’s inquiries into their deaths.

3) Make a binding public promise to end the corrupt ‘back-door’ that both Conservative and New Labour Governments have used to arrange illegal arms deals, and to garner corrupt personal commissions.

For further information, contact Geoffrey Gilson, author of Dead Men Don’t Eat Lunch, by e-mailing him at conservativecompassion@gmail.com, or by using the feedback form below:


About conservativecompassion

Geoff Gilson was for 10 years active in the British Conservative Party, up to and including the national level. He trained as a lawyer, and pursued a commercial career in public relations. Currently, he is focusing on his creative interests, and resides in a small mill town in central North Carolina.
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